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The Rosen Medical Center has been my choice for comprehensive medical care for over 13 years. The medical staff delivers expert knowledge with ease and thoroughly takes the time to explain medical terminology so that the patient can understand. Over the years more services have been introduced to our care, which I rely on regularly to ensure I am on a continual path to wellness.

Roberta P.
Lite Bite Manager, Rosen Plaza

Rosen Hotels & Resorts has shown that much smaller organizations can also be creative. If one extends their actions to all employers, we could conservatively remove $500 billion of healthcare waste from our economy. Imagine the stimulus this would provide to the private sector if these dollars were shifted to more productive sectors of the economy.

Dave Chase
Venture Capitalist, Speaker, Author, and Executive Producer of "The Big Heist"

Each time I interact with the Rosen Medical Center, I get more and more impressed. My doctor and staff know me by name and always seem excited to see me. I have the ability to email them with questions. They even send interoffice recipes I might like. The ability to obtain supplements and vitamins on-site is such a great value—value of my time and wallet.

Carolyn G.
Group Benefits Service Manager, RosenSure

7656 International Dr,
Orlando, FL 32819


Rosen Medical Center - A Place for Healing and Wellness

by Rosen Hotels & Resorts
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