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Rosen Medical Center Building


Rosen Hotels & Resorts is known for its unparalleled quality of hospitality service. A true understanding of service seeps into our DNA from more than 40 years of experience in hospitality marked by recognition for extraordinary service. The foundation of the RosenCare® model is based on our dedication to serving people with respect, dignity, and honor.

Service is not just an attitude, but also a tangible product. Patients of the RosenCare system have access to a variety of expert services. Our goal in providing affordable healthcare includes ease of accessibility to health maintenance services. The RosenCare team of medical professionals is committed to providing exceptional service to enhance the overall patient experience within our health care system. Contact Us discuss customizing the RosenCare model for you and your specific needs.

7656 International Dr,
Orlando, FL 32819


Rosen Medical Center - A Place for Healing and Wellness

by Rosen Hotels & Resorts
Administered by ProvInsure

Keep People Healthy and Keep Americans Healthy ®