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Fitness & Wellness

Dietitian & Nutritional Services

Globally, obesity is an epidemic that is gradually worsening with the younger population. To help inspire a healthier society, RosenCare provides dietary and nutritional counseling in one-on-one patient counseling and through group-based programs.

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Exercise Counseling

This one-on-one program evaluates the needs of the patient and develops a program specific to the patient’s goals. The wellness coordinator assesses the patient’s health, family, and work life in order to customize a program to which the patient can successfully adhere.

Mental Health Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling Services

Management of health and wellness also requires that providers listen to mental health needs. RosenCare promotes mental health and wellbeing to all associates whenever the need arises.

Smoking Cessation Program

RosenCare provides all of the counseling, guidance, medications, follow-ups, and services to help patients successfully quit smoking.

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Counseling, guidance, medication management, and follow-up are available as part of RosenCare’s weight management program. The Rosen Medical Team works closely with the dietitian and wellness coordinator to create a personalized plan for each patient. RosenCare also provides recommendations to the employer to enhance the dietary health of their population.

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