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The True Healthcare Solution

RosenCare®, a patient-centered onsite medical home model, is based on five tenets: Access, Quality, Service, Cost, and Innovation. Each provides solutions to common healthcare pain points businesses and organizations face. Those pain points, born of the turbulent healthcare landscape in the United States, have serious consequences on our workforce and their families. The RosenCare solution is straightforward and has profound, long-lasting benefits. Protect your most valuable investment—your associates, your extended family—with common sense, affordable healthcare that has NO deductibles.

Harris Rosen - Outstanding Achievements, Healthcare and More

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Harris Rosen - Outstanding Achievements, Healthcare and More


Harris Rosen, President & COO

7656 International Dr,
Orlando, FL 32819


Rosen Medical Center - A Place for Healing and Wellness

by Rosen Hotels & Resorts
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Keep People Healthy and Keep Americans Healthy ®